Lieder Live Concert Series


Welcome to Lieder Live! A concert series showcasing the greats of the lieder genre - European art songs from the last 300 years.


First out was Mozart - someone whom I consider defined the next hundred years of lieder, back in the late 1700's. 

I'm joined by my colleague the fabulous pianist Ole Christian Haagenrud.


#1 - Mozart

#2 - Schumann

#3 - Grieg

#4 - Kielland & Groven

#5 - Brahms

#6 - Sibelius

#7 - British art song

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Lieder Live #1 Mozart


Lieder Live #2 Schumann


Lieder Live #3 Grieg


Lieder Live #4 Kielland & Groven

Lieder Live #5 Brahms

Lieder Live #6 Sibelius

Lieder Live #7 - British art song
Sunday Nov 1, 8pm Oslo

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