Lieder Live #2 Schumann

Welcome to Lieder Live! A concert series where showcasing the greats of the lieder genre - European art songs from the last 300 years.
We started our first Lieder Live with songs by Mozart - someone whom I consider defined the next hundred years of lieder, back in the late 1700's.


This time we present lieder by Schumann - a composer who is considered one of the most important song composers of all times. He composed most of his songs in the years around 1840, when he married Clara Schumann.  
At Lieder Live #2 we will present for you a group of his most lovely and dear songs, more info will soon appear!

On all Lieder Live concerts I'm joined by my colleague the fabulous pianist Ole Christian Haagenrud.


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Lieder Live #1 Mozart



Sunday June 7th at 20:00 
(program, texts and translations will soon appear further below):

Texts and Translations

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